Sustainability Management

ESG management

For a GREENer Tomorrow,
Make the world of tomorrow a more beautiful place.

Under the vision of "For a GREENer Tomorrow", SeAH Besteel will actively respond to climate change and "Make the world of tomorrow a more beautiful place." We will do this through a people-centered ESG management approach.

ESG strategy

The GREEN Strategy, consists of five key areas and nine strategic tasks.

It aims to create ESG performance systematically through detailed implementation of tasks.

Sustainability management report

These reports contain SeAH Besteel's efforts, and achievements to "Make the world of tomorrow a more beautiful place."

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ESG Governance

All employees are encouraged to think about and promote ESG. This is done by establishing a four-level organizational system. We identifying issues through working councils in key areas, and internalizing ESG through periodic performance management of action tasks.

Stakeholder policy and code of conduct

SeAH Besteel will continuously communicate and cooperate with it's stakeholders to find a balance between the common values it pursues and the demands it expects, Also to ensure that they are appropriately reflected in its internal decision-making process.

Stakeholder communication channels

Subject Communication channels Engagement activities
Customers Website, customer center, blog Product and service inquiries, suggestions, and other opinions, etc.
Employees Intranet, trade unions, employee surveys HR-related issues such as changes in the business environment, wage negotiations, etc.
Competitors and suppliers Shared growth programs Issues related to win-win cooperation, such as fair contracts and unfair trade.
Government and communities Government policy fairs and meetings Issues such as participation in national projects, government regulatory policies, local environmental protection, and community contribution activities
Shareholders and investors General meetings of shareholders and IR disclosures Issues related to stock price and dividend changes, changes in the business environment and business performance, general meetings of shareholders, etc.


SeAH Besteel participates in initiatives and related organizations that are closely related to its business areas things, Such as low-carbon and eco-friendly initiatives, in order to identify industry trends and collaborate with various stakeholders.

Global Reporting Initiatives A standard that has been under continuous development since the GRI Guidelines, The first global framework for sustainability reporting, was published in 2000
Sustainability Accounting
Standards Board
HR-related issues such as changes in the business environment, wage negotiations, etc.
UN Sustainable
Development Goals
17 shared goals that humanity resolved to achieve by 2030 at the 70th UN General Assembly in 2015
Task force on Climate-related
Financial Disclosures
A task force launched by the Financial Stability Board (FSB). This encourages companies to disclose information on climate change.


SeAH Besteel has obtained various certifications in the fields of

environmental, social, and governance. In order to internalize

ESG management and strengthen its expertise in each area more

this here.

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