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Korea's Top Manufacturer of Special Steel

SeAH Besteel is a special steel manufacturer with a world-class infrastructure for manufacturing special steel and an optimum automated production system. With over 60 years of manufacturing experience and our own technological research institution, we actively promote the research and development of new technologies and materials and have been revitalized as a globally competitive manufacturer of special steels


Innovative leader in material and quality for special steel

SeAH Besteel is a company that combines the newest equipment, superior technology, and artisan spirit with its expertise in special steel production.

Based on its professional and stable business position, SeAH Besteel has been consistently pursuing the development of special steel grades to satisfy the needs of its diverse global customer base while achieving the highest quality and most affordable prices.

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Best Steel, Besteel
The appellation "Besteel" is a combination of the words "best" and "steel". This includes not only SeAH Besteel's early determination to become a special steel company but also its vision to constantly challenge itself to become a sustainable steel company.

Best Steel for Best Products
The finest special steel materials supplied by SeAH Besteel result in the creation of the best products and contribute to the industrial development of the world, making our lives beautiful and valuable

World Best Steel Company
It represents the enterprising and winning spirit that SeAH Besteel aspires to embody as it strives to become the world's leading special steel manufacturer.


Righteous management that prioritizes the fundamentals


Eco-friendly management


Customer satisfaction management


Technology-driven management

SeAH Besteel's ideal people

SeAH, full of dreams and passion, creates beautiful values by building a world replete with diverse ideas and personalities. Creative and innovative SeAH people become the linchpin of SeAH and lead the Korean industry

People with an upright and reasonable sense of value

People who make decisions that everyone can agree on and who judge objectively by reason.

People who are creative and enterprising

People who actively work to realize new ideas or new value using an original method or technology.

Adaptable and compatible people

People who can flawlessly complete the task at hand while maintaining cordial interpersonal relationships.