Special Steel

SeAH Besteel produces and supplies special steel, which is used as a core part material for bearings, automobiles, etc., Our customer base is global. SeAH Besteel, Korea's leading special steelmaker, maximizes customer value through world-class quality, steel grade design technology, and consistent supply capacity.


Securing flexibility in delivery time with an optimal production system

Operate plants specializing in special steel with world-class, efficient integrated production lines


Production of high-purity special steel in a variety of precise dimensions

Apply non-metallic inclusions and microstructure control technology specialized in core parts for bearings and automobiles using large surface area bloom and RSB


Steel grade customization and technical support

Achieve customer satisfaction with technical know-how for product development reflecting the latest trends

Long Product

  • Rolled materials

    ㆍProduction shape : Rods, Angle rods, Wire rods

    ㆍSurface condition : BS, PM, CD, RT

    ㆍRolled size : Φ16 ~ Φ350, ㅁ83 ~ 220

    ㆍRolled length : 4,500mm ~ 7,200mm

    ㆍHeat treatment : LA, FA, QT, SA etc.

  • Forgings

    ㆍProduction shape : Rods, Angle rods

    ㆍSurface condition : BS, RT

    ㆍForged size : Max. Φ850, Min. ㅁ210

    ㆍForged length : Max. 8,000mm

    ㆍHeat treatment : LA, FA, QT, Nor, etc.

  • Secondary processed materials

    ㆍProduction shape : Rods

    ㆍSurface condition : PM, CD, RT

    ㆍSize : PM Φ20 ~ Φ120 CD Φ20 ~ Φ50.8 RT Φ120 over

    ㆍLength : 4,500mm ~ 7,200mm

    ㆍHeat treatment : LA, FA, QT, SA etc.

Specifications for packing

Steel wire

Use steel wire to bind products together

Steel bands

Use flat bands of steel wire to bind products together

Gunny sack packaging

Use steel bands to bind products together after wrapping them in gunny sacks (plastic)