SeAH Besteel is the only nuclear power material and equipment manufacturer in Korea that has been certified to manufacture nuclear casks. exported finished casks. It has successfully completed the process from nuclear fuel rod injection to storage.

Nuclear power


One of the dry storage containers, One the was used for for the safe storage of spent nuclear fuel left over from nuclear power generation until direct disposal. It is equipped with a containment function to prevent exposure to radioactive materials. Also It consist of a radiation shielding function, and a decay heat removal function. It consists of a basket to store spent nuclear fuel, a container body to shield radiation, and a cover.

The only company in Korea with a track record of supplying finished products is SeAH Besteel, We have received approval from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

Nuclear power


Outdoor storage methods for spent nuclear fuel include concrete canisters, metal canisters, and modular systems.

Canisters are containers used to store and transport spent nuclear fuel. That is in concrete casks or modular systems. Its purpose is to facilitate the storage of spent nuclear fuel When it is moved from a wet storage pool to an interim storage facility container. One with a decay heat control.

Nuclear power

Nuclear Forging

SeAH Besteel operates an integrated production system for large forgings used as spent nuclear fuel storage containers. From steelmaking to forging, heat treatment, and machining. SeAH Besteel has obtained quality certifications for nuclear power forgings such as ASME and KEPIC. It and has been recognized for its excellent quality control capabilities. It has secured the ability to manage delivery times through stable material supply and the largest production capacity in Korea.