SeAH Besteel has been recognized as a supply partner for major bearing companies around the world. We world-class quality and reliability. Based on our high-purity steel production technology, we are known for our, produce ultra-high-purity steel of A premium quality.

Special steel

Wheel Bearings Material

Special steel characteristics : High durability and high strength design. One that considers considering various driving environmentsm, and compound loads

Production of steel grades : 1055, 1070

Parts application : Automotive hub bearings

Special steel

Transmission Bearings Material

Special steel characteristics : Ultra-high purity, long-life, high-performance design. One that considers high-speed rotation and high-fatigue resistance

Production of steel grades : SUJ2, STB2, GRADE3, 100CR6, 100CRSIMN6-4

Parts application : Ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, needle roller bearings, etc.

Special steel

Linear Motion Guide
Bearings Material

Special steel characteristics : Wear-resistant, high-purity, high-strength design. One that considers, high loads and high-speed linear repetitive motion

Production of steel grades : 60CR3, CF53, S58C, SCM420H etc.

Parts application : Industrial linear motion bearings