SeAH Besteel supplies high-durability special steel materials optimized the for energy industry. Such as, drill collars, For oil gas drilling mooring chains for offshore plants, and wind turbine core parts.

Special steel

Oil Industry Material

Special steel characteristics : High toughness, high strengthening, with improved mechanical properties, and anisotropy

Technical development : Optimum alloy design to meet mechanical properties; application of ultra-low P and H operations. This is done to ensure low-temperature impact toughness

Production of steel grades : AISI4130, AISI4140(L80, P110Grade), AISI4145M, AISI4330V etc.

Parts application : Drill Collar, Drill Pipe, Tool Joint

Special steel / Open Die Forging

Wind Power Material

Special steel characteristics : High toughness, high durability, and high fatigue strength

Technical development : Production of high-purity steel through improved refining and casting techniques. Also and the development of hydrogen control and heat treatment technologies

Production of steel grades : 18CrNiMo7-6, 42CrMo4, 30CrNiMo6, 334CrNiMo6, S355N

Parts application : Gear Box, Main Shaft, Tower Flange

Special steel

Mooring Chain Material

Special steel characteristics : High strength, high toughness (in cryogenic environments), weldability, corrosion resistance, and hydrogen cracking resistance

Technical development : Controlling P and S content for high strength/high toughness, This is done through alloy design and adding Ni, Cr, and Mo to enhance corrosion properties and hardenability

Production of steel grades : SBC80, SBC90, SBC100

Parts application : Chains for ships and offshore plants