Nuclear Power Material and Equipment

SeAH Besteel is the only nuclear power material and equipment manufacturer in Korea that has been certified to manufacture nuclear casks. Also the only to have exported finished casks. We successfully completed the process from nuclear fuel rod injection to storage.


Technology and quality reliability recognized in global markets

Proven manufacturing and quality control capabilities as the only company in Korea to be certified by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)


Securing stable production capacity with its own technology

Proven nuclear power material and equipment production technology by exporting it to the United States for the first time in Korea history.

Possession of in-house-manufactured technologies, such as radiation shielding materials.


Possession of Korea's largest nuclear power materials and equipment manufacturing plant

Production capacity of over 60 containers per year for transportation and storage.

Internalization of the entire process through win-win cooperation with professional partners

Main products

  • Cask

    ㆍProduction of steel grades : SA266GR.2, SA350GR.LF3, SA203GR.E, SA516GR.70 etc.

    ㆍParts application : Shield Shell, Shell Flange, Inner Shell, Outer Shell etc.

  • Canister

    ㆍProduction of steel grades : SA240TYPE304, SA182F304 etc.

    ㆍParts application : Cylindrical Shell, Inner&Outer Plate, Bottom Forging etc.

  • Nuclear

    ㆍProduction of steel grades : SA350LF3, GLF1, SA350LF5, A350LF2, SA336F12, SA508GR3

    ㆍParts application : Cask Body, Reactor Body, Lid, Flange, Head Fitting, Key Plate

Demand industries

Specifications for packing

Wooden Box1Wooden Box

Cask Lid, Flange

Steel Frame · Vacumm


Wooden Skid2

Cask Body, Shell

Steel Container Packing