Die Forging

SeAH Besteel's competitiveness in high-quality special steel materials is complemented by the technological know-how of its leading domestic forging and machining partners. This enavbles enabling it to expand its presence in the global precision machinery sector parts market through synergy.


Using SeAH Besteel's own high-quality special steel materials

Secure material reliability by using SeAH Besteel's high-quality special steel one that undergoes strict quality control


High-quality die forgings with R&D capabilities and forging technology

Systematic quality management systems and technical support from the special steel research institute, This enable the design and production of various forgings


Responding to customer needs by forging, machining, and assembling finished products

Build a diverse product portfolio using a network of global forging and machining companies

Main products

  • Automotive

    Outer Race

    Tripod Housing

    Pinion Drive etc.

  • Undercarriage



    Excavator chain Link etc.

  • Machinery

    Gear & Shafts

    Valve kinds

    Fluid End Block etc.

Specifications for packing

Wooden Box

Place the product in a wooden crate, apply rust-prevention oil, and seal it with plastic

Steel Palette

Place the product in a steel box and seal it with plastic