SeAH Besteel has acquired KS and JIS marking certifications, As well as, factory approvals from DNV and other classification societies. International management system certifications such as IATF 16949 and ISO 45001 to establish an organized and rational management system to achieve superiority of quality.

Category Certifications and approvals Attached files
품질 IATF 16949(자동차 품질경영시스템)_창녕 Korean English
품질 ISO 9001(품질경영시스템-KSA)_창녕 Korean English
품질 IATF 16949(자동차 품질경영시스템)_군산 Korean English
품질 ISO 9001(품질경영시스템-KSA)_군산 Korean English
안전환경 MSDS(특수강) Korean English
환경 ISO 14001(환경경영시스템)_창녕 Korean English
환경 ISO 14001(환경경영시스템)_군산 Korean English
에너지 ISO 50001(에너지경영시스템)_군산&창녕 Korean English
안전보건 KOSHA-MS(안전보건경영시스템)_창녕 Korean
안전보건 KOSHA-MS(안전보건경영시스템)_군산 Korean English