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Classification Name Phone number E-mail
Sales Special Steel Open die forging Nuclear power material and equipment Application Assistant Manager Ha Jongseung Deputy Manager Shin Juyong Manager Han Kyungsub General Manager Kim Manjoong 02-6970-2120 051-329-1843 063-460-8526 02-6970-2131
Quality Report Certification Staff Lee Yoonsung Manager Lee Wonbin 063-460-8573 063-460-8478
Purchasing Iron scrap Auxiliary material General material and subcontracting Assistant Manager Lee Hyunwoo Manager Shin Bongkyung Manager Park Chulhwan 02-6970-2048 02-6970-2094 02-6970-2099
HR Office worker Technical worker Team Leader Kim Minho Manager Chu Myungwook 02-6970-2081 063-460-8171
CS Product-related Manager Baek Jisook 063-460-8516
IR IR-related The person in charge of IR 02-6970-2021